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Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
The espresso system is the result of a need to obtain coffee within a short time and to make the preparation stage simultaneous with consumption: the word "ESPRESSO" in Italian means fast, at the moment.
The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia is the official espresso machine of the World Barista Championship.
Producing the absolute best espresso beverages creates tremendous value for your company that is priceless. The technology in the Aurelia makes achieving this goal possible. Now that you know the design philosophy and technology incorporated into the Aurelia, it should come as no surprise that it retains its value better than any other espresso machine and represents a wise investment in product quality and hardware. In addition to the obvious value created by making the best espresso drinks, the long useful life expectancy and low maintenance costs go directly to your operation’s bottom line.

Aurelia is the traditional espresso machine dedicated to best baristas and leading coffee shops who offer specialty coffee.



Perfect brewings

The SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees a soft and creamy espresso shot.

The SIS system (Soft Infusion System) is an exclusive system developed by the Nuova Simonelli research center which operates using technical variables that allow extraction of all the aromas contained in any coffee blend. With double infusion. As a result, you get a creamy coffee, rich aroma and grounds that are always dry.

SIS also offers other benefits as compensation for any mistakes made by the barista when tamping the coffee grounds.

Safe and comfortable
Aurelia is the only machine ergonomically certified by the European institute of Ergonomics and Psychology as it safeguards both the wellness and the health of the operator.

On Aurelia both the height and the temperature of every single group can be adjusted to be suited to any use and blend.

Rich in equipment, in the three different versions: semi-automatic, volumetric and plus, with many useful optional, Aurelia suits any need.

Automatic wash, electronic check of the grinding, double count of the brewing, brewing chronometer, programmable on-off, self-check are only some of the functions that make it both simple and intelligent.

Appia Compact makes the preparation of a cappuccino easier. The "smart wand" system makes milk frothing easier and even the most novice of baristas is able to prepare a cappuccino that has a thick and velvety cream. The procedure is easy and instantaneous. The frothing stops automatically when the programmed temperature is reached so that milk achieves the finest texture and temperature.

The "smart wand" is reliable, hygienic and safe thanks to its thermal insulation
Bean to Cup Machines


Coffee Art Plus

Top performance in all variations

- Numerous options and configurations
- Milk Universe
- Up to 350 beverages per hour
- Extensive beverage variety
- Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, chain stores, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, takeaways


Professional Espresso Grinders

For those having a daily output lower than 2 kg of coffee, MDX is the professional solution in order to optimise performances and costs.


Thanks to its instant grinding, Mythos can offer a cup of coffee filled with the fragrance and flavour of fresh coffee beans. Suitable for high volume locations, coffee shops, restaurants.



Precise, fast and reliable
Due to the micrometric adjustment, Mythos is ideal for those locations that want to serve their customers the best espresso possible.

Perfect aroma
Due to its instant grinding, Mythos brings the aroma of the coffee beans into the cup.

Dynamometric tamper
The optional built-in tamper is adjustable and ensures the proper tamping pressure.

Mythos can be programmed to grind and dispense three different doses.

Mythos utilizes numerous electronic functions to make grinding easier, such as a delayed time setting and the ability to manual add ground coffee.

High production
Mythos grinds more than 18 kg of coffee an hour.

With Mythos, everyone can brew excellent espressos.


Air Infusion (Single Cup Brewing)

Bunn introduced their Trifecta coffee brewer, otherwise known as "The Trifecta Experience"..


Trifecta Features:

In short, the Trifecta works through three simple brewing phases:


1. Wetting: The coffee ground saturation can be adjusted to determine the exact percentage of water and pauses used within the brew cycle for each cup of coffee.


2. Extraction: Air is injected into a pressurized chamber to agitate the coffee grounds and create an entirely uniform extraction with complex flavors in each prepared coffee


3. Hydrolysis: Air presses the brew through a metal screen to filter out the coffee grounds while simultaneously preserving the essential oils and aromas to create a complex and full body in each cup of Joe.


As a result, this streamlined brewing masterpiece allows the barista to further develop each brew profile to yield an entirely unique cup of coffee every time.

For those baristas that are fed up with brewing the same coffee over and over again, the Trifecta puts you in the driver's seat to tweak each brew cycle and change the flavors and aromas of the cup of coffee accordingly.

Even better, Bunn provides you with a complete chart of starter recipes to help you begin on your coffee brewing exploration. These recipes will help you learn to adjust the brew time, use of turbulence, and even pre-infusion percentage for each cup brewed.

Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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