Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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Best Value Coffee is coffee made simple.

“Making the simple complicated has become common place;
making the complicated simple, very creative.”

A full 2 Lbs (908g) of quality 100% Arabica beans at a great price!

best value coffee

• Starting with 100% Arabica beans the most flavourful of the coffee crops roasted by our master roasters and selected by a company with over 75 years experience.

• Always grind just what you need right before brewing, keep it fresh.

• As a rule, two level tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6oz of water.

• Brewed coffee is 98 percent water. For best results we suggest filtered water with a brewing temperature of 195-205F (92-96C).


Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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voets coffee 100% Arabica Beans
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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